Happy Fit Holidays

Happy Fit Holidays

So much to look forward to in December – friends, family, gifts, overnight guests, days off, great food, presents, parties and of course our kickin’ party clothes. But who can resist Aunt Barbara’s spinach artichoke dip or Grandma Sue’s triple chocolate cookies?

It’s a fabulous time of year but also a really hard time to stay on track with my health goals. Couple of hacks that work well for me:

  • I try to always pre-game before a party. I drink a big ol’ chocolate protein shake (1 scoop protein, equal parts water and coconut milk, berries and fiber) so I don’t walk into a party hungry and ending up with fistfuls of dark chocolate covered raisins in my hands (which has happened).
  • I bring a dish I actually want to eat. Last night I brought an avocado bean dip (1 can of white bean, 1 avocado, garlic, lemon juice, sale & pepper) with gluten free crackers and celery and just munched on that all night.
  • Holiday drink – water – repeat. I never say no to a holiday drink but then I alternate with water so I don’t drink too much and stay hydrated.
  • I always get to the studio and on the sculpformer the next day. There is something about working out hard and bringing your A game to the studio after a party that always motivates me.

Hope these tips help you these next 2 weeks. We are here for you with any questions, comments or hacks of your own to share. We also have amazing membership deals for First Time Clients to get your butt into class, so click here to learn more.