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Private Pilates Classes

About Private Sessions at Sculp'd+

We offer private sessions to provide a personalized sculp’d+ reformer experience. These sessions are a perfect introduction for clients who are new to reformer Pilates, or to our method, and want to take class in an intimate and approachable setting. These sessions are also a safe and effective alternative for clients who have conditions or injuries that require specialized modifications or extra attention to form and technique. 

Solo private sessions are $95,* which includes a one-on-one, personalized sculp’d+ reformer class for one client. We also offer a 10-pack of private sessions at $900 ($90 per session).

*Private sessions with an instructor with advanced specializations in physical therapy are $110 per session.

Clients can also reserve private sessions for a small group which is perfect for friends, couples, families, or co-workers who wish to take a personalized class together. Private sessions for small groups are $65 per person for 2 people, $55 per person for 3-5 people, and $45 per person for more than 6 people.

To schedule a private session with us, please fill out the interest form below and we will be in touch!

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  • We only offer private sessions in the off hours when group classes are not taking place in the studio. In general, the studio is available for private sessions Monday through Friday between 1:00-5:00pm and after 7:30pm. On weekends, the studio is available in the afternoon.
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