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the Best Pilates & Body Sculpting STUDIO IN OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA

If you are looking for a pilates studio that focuses on your total health, you found it at sculp’d+.

We are the only pilates and wellness studio in Old Town dedicated to achieving your total body success. Our skilled instructors teach hard core pilates classes that MOVE you. We have body sculpting services you to ENHANCE your body, strength, and mind without surgery. And we provide rejuvenation tools to RESTORE you to the best and strongest version of yourself.

Voted #1 pilates studio in NOVA, 6 years running!



Experience the best way to practice pilates – with our total body workout classes.

At sculp’d+ we use a unique type of reformer for all of our pilates classes. And our skilled instructors are here to guide in-class students through a series of invigorating moves across our variety of classes. Whether you’re brand new to us or pilates, we recommend our Total Body Basics classes to learn the names, moves, and how our unique reformer operates.

Everyone will find that our studio in Alexandria, VA offers numerous in-studio classes every day. Once you’ve taken the Total Body Basics class, try out our more advanced classes like Total Body, Total Body Express, and Jumpboard to start sculpting and strengthening your physique.


Body Sculpting

Looking to reshape and re-imagine your body? Look no further than sculp’d+ in Old Town Alexandria, VA! Our certified aestheticians can help you achieve your natural vision with individualized body sculpting and contouring programs.

Our bodies change over time, due to aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and other factors. Sometimes, we embrace those changes. Other times, they can create roadblocks to our mental well-being. And for some people, certain body features can be a source of discomfort or insecurity. No matter your reason for wanting to enhance your body, you’ll find the support and experience you trust at sculp’d+. 

Learn more about our variety of non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting and contouring treatments that can help you achieve your desired results.

Emsculpt NEO

FDA-cleared high-intensity electromagnetic pulses combined with radiofrequency stimulate targeted muscles to create 20,000 contractions in just 30 minutes to build a more toned physique. Minimally invasive with long-lasting results.


Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with a non-invasive, revolutionary treatment. Find relief from sudden urinary leakage, regain bladder control, and more with Emsella. Treatments are completely non-invasive and require no downtime.


Reduce unwanted cellulite with non-invasive, painless 20-minute treatments. Emtone significantly reduces cellulite in almost any area from head to toe. Results are natural-looking and require no downtime. Get smooth and youthful skin.


Choose from an express massage, microneedling and Skinwave facials to renew your complexion and gain a more radiant, youthful look. Our DNP performs expert skin assessments to determine which facial is best for you. Book with us to get started!


Massage and BodyWork

Our certified team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns. Whether you’re struggling with aches and pains, stress, or simply want to improve your overall well-being, we have a treatment that’s right for you.

In addition to our massage and bodywork services, we also offer private consulting to help you learn more about your body and how to maintain optimal health and well-being.


Take control of your pelvic floor health with our innovative treatments. Pelvic floor dysfunction can cause urinary issues, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and more. Choose from Emsella, private sessions, specialized programs, and more.


Improve your wellness with deep tissue massage therapy at sculpd’d+. Treatments break up scar tissue and break down knots. Massage therapy benefits include better circulation, reduced pain and inflammation, lower blood pressure, and more.


Normatec Compression Therapy is an advanced, straightforward, and customizable system. Decrease recovery time and muscle tension while also increasing flexibility and range of motion between workout sessions. Call us to learn more.

Experience improved health and wellness with red light therapy. Treatments are simple, safe, and easy. Reduce pain and inflammation, boost collagen for anti-aging, promote wound healing and tissue repair, improve sleep, and much more.

Pilates FAQ

A typical Pilates workout in our Alexandria, VA studio focuses on building core strength, improving flexibility, and increasing overall body control and balance. You’ll perform exercises on our specialized, proprietary reformer. Pilates uses controlled, precise movements that engage deep postural muscles.

The workout begins with a warm-up that includes breathing exercises and gentle stretches. Then, you’ll complete a series of intense exercises that target the abdominal, back, and hip muscles. Each session includes blocks focusing on the legs, arms, and glutes. For the final bit of class, you’ll finish with cool-down exercises and stretching to improve flexibility and relax the body.

It’s possible to reduce belly fat through Pilates, in conjunction with smart nutrition and movement. We focus on building core strength and improving body balance and control. The core exercises in Pilates engage the deep abdominal muscles, which can tone your stomach and give the appearance of a flatter belly.

Because Pilates emphasizes proper posture and alignment, it can also improve how you use your abdominal muscles. This makes your core stronger and more effective at burning fat.

Remember that Pilates alone isn’t a weight loss program. Instead, combine it with a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular activity to get optimal results.

The amount of time it takes to see results from Pilates can vary per person. Factors like the frequency and intensity of your workouts, your overall health and fitness, and your starting fitness level can affect when you see results. Some people notice results in as little as a few weeks. Others may need several months of consistent Pilates before seeing changes.

We recommend attending pilates classes at least twice a week. This will help build muscle, improve posture and flexibility, and burn calories. In addition, you’ll show improvement in your body tone and the number on the scale.

Incorporating Pilates into a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and other exercises, can enhance the benefits and accelerate results.

Pilates can be beneficial for toning and strengthening the muscles under your skin. This gives the appearance of tighter and firmer skin. Core exercises in Pilates, such as the Plank, the Hundred, and the Roll-Up, target the deep abdominal and glute muscles.

While Pilates may help tone and firm certain parts of your body, the practice alone may not be enough to tighten loose skin significantly. Your skin’s elasticity depends on many factors like age and genetics.

For all classes at sculp’d+ in Old Town Alexandria, we encourage you to wear comfortable and form-fitting clothing. Loose-fitting clothing can make it difficult for the instructor to see your form and make adjustments as needed. 

It’s best to wear clothing that allows for a full range of motion and won’t restrict your movements. Usually, people wear form-fitting athletic attire like leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, or fitted shirts that stay tucked in during exercises. All in-class guests are required to wear grippy socks – and have a super cute collection in our clothing boutique! 

want to get into class?

Choose from our signature Total Body, the leg shaking Jumpboard; or get started with the Basics  to challenge your strength & cardio and get started today!

Client Testimonials
Elizabeth BenzElizabeth Benz
19:35 13 Mar 24
Sculp'd+ provides a 5 star experience in every possible way! They manage to make every class a beautiful blend of challenging and fun - which isn’t an easy feat. Every instructor has been top notch. I'd like to specifically thank Natalie for her help during my first session after my 10+ years gap since I had last attended a pilates class. Her guiding nature and overall encouragement helped me to easily become a believer in all of the magic that reformer pilates has to offer. I have also been lucky enough to attend classes with Jen, Lawren, Noelle, and Kelsey - who are amazing and inspirational teachers. Additionally, every person who I have met working the front desk has been warm, friendly and informative. An extra big thank you to Lauren, who always makes my day. I highly recommend Sculp'd+ to anyone looking for a Pilates studio - this is the place to go!
Christa HodgeChrista Hodge
14:44 13 Mar 24
Loved the choice of music, Lawren was great!!! Can not wait for my next class!
Veronica Paz-SoldanVeronica Paz-Soldan
12:14 11 Mar 24
Stephanie was great! She was able to find all the spots where I had tightness and pain. After the massage I felt really good. I didn’t realize I needed a massage so bad! Thank you Stephanie!
Joel BowmanJoel Bowman
16:17 21 Feb 24
Noelle, my pilates teacher, is just the best!
Kristin DuffettKristin Duffett
16:04 27 Jan 24
The instructors are amazing, the studio community is so fun, welcoming, and inclusive, and it smells so good in the studio!
Alexis SAlexis S
13:55 28 Dec 23
Finally, I've discovered a Pilates studio that truly resonates with my fitness journey and conveniently fits into my daily routine. Having been a former Division 1 track athlete and gymnast for a significant part of my life, the transition from intense workouts (running & weightlifting) to Pilates, hot yoga, and regular walks has been transformative. Pilates has opened up new dimensions, allowing me to engage muscles differently, focus on breathing techniques, and enhance both smaller muscle groups and flexibility. My journey here spans over a year, thanks to ClassPass, and it's been an incredible experience.The instructors here are great and help everyone reach their fitness goals. The atmosphere is serene, providing a perfect backdrop for an energizing workout. The studio's cleanliness also adds to the overall positive experience. One of the things I appreciate most is the thoughtful music selection during classes, creating a motivating and enjoyable environment.While the sessions consistently challenge me and encourage improvement, I do wish there were more advanced level options available. Nevertheless, the instructors are receptive to feedback, always offering ways to intensify the workouts. This consistent push has significantly elevated my practice.This studio has undeniably become my fitness sanctuary, a space I've recommended to close friends. It's not just a place to exercise; it's where you revitalize both mind and body, making it an integral part of my well-being journey.Having explored various studios in DC, nothing compares to a small, women-owned business with the added perk of free parking!They also offer additional services such as facials and massages that I'm excited to try out in the upcoming year! Truly a convenient one-stop shop.
Qian DQian D
04:31 22 Dec 23
I’m looking to get back into shape and I found this gem! I have never taken any Pilates reformer class before, this is an awesome place to start! The instructors are knowledgeable and staff are super friendly. I feel welcomed and encouraged. It’s great workout environment. Also, street parking is available and it’s free. Love this place!
Courtney DouglasCourtney Douglas
16:18 27 Oct 23
I've officially been a member for a year now after never having taken a Pilates class prior to joining. I'm not a person who loves working out, so I really appreciate that the class always seems to fly by. I absolutely love all of the instructors, but I personally blame Lisa for growing my butt so much that I had to get an entire new set of jeans!!
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