The Workouts


Once you go sculp’d+, you can’t go back. Trust us on that one.

With multiple in-studio classes/day that can’t be imitated, why go anywhere else? sculp’d+ offers many different class formats, either in-studio or online. We have a maximum of 12 machines in our main space that offers Total Body, Jumpboard, and TRX / Reformer classes that typical (read: boring) pilates mat classes simply don’t offer.


Everyone will have their own sculp’dformer™ machine in our signature Total Body class based on the Pilates method. Slow and controlled is the name of the game. You will work your entire body and target specific muscles to fatigue, all while challenging your core and balance. Find your fire and get strong, lean muscles and kick-ass abs in this Total Body workout.


Take our signature Total Body workout, add a Jumpboard, and you get our cardio-amped Jumpboard class to truly sculp’d your body. This all-over workout pushes your glutes, quads, and abs into overtime.

TRX / Pilates

The same great signature sculp’d Total Body class you know and love, with a little TRX twist. The majority of the class will utilize the state of the art sculp’d-former machine with slow, controlled movements. Then we take the same flow to the TRX straps and ask our bodies to work with gravity in a whole new way. Get ready to lengthen, strengthen, and shake!


It is impossible to find a more amazing and qualified team than our sculp’d+ squad. We have so much diversity of skills and experience on our team to help you meet your goals.