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Our Team

sculp'd+ is a collective of brilliant professionals dedicated to improving & enriching the lives of our clients

It is impossible to find a more passionate and qualified team than our sculp’d+ squad. Our amazing team combines their diverse skills and teaching backgrounds with their passion for movement, health and wellness to help you meet your goals. Collectively, we love nothing more than helping the Old Town Alexandria community and beyond “find their fire”.

Body Practitioners


Betsy, Studio Owner, has over 25 years experience in group fitness and has a passion for all things wellness in her life, for her family, and for the sculp'd community. She began teaching fitness at Penn State University. She specializes in wellness for women over 40 and she is trained in Pilates, HIIT, TRX, EmSculpt Neo and Emsella.


Erin, FNP-BC, DipACLM, CPT, is the studio Medical Advisor. She specializes in women's health, nutritional health, wellness, and fitness. She is a board certified nurse practitioner, diplomat and provider of Lifestyle Medicine, as well as Certified Personal Trainer, and is certified in Pilates, TRX and Strength Training.

Medical Advisor, FNP-BC, DipACLM
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Sadiya has years of experience in providing high-level non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments & beauty enhancements,
incl Botox, Dermal Fillers, PDO threads, micro-needling & PRP. Sadiya is also a national clinical instructor with a medical education company where she trains physicians & other licensed clinical providers on facial anatomy, patient safety, & the most advanced injection treatments and techniques.


Melissa has been a personal trainer for 18 years, a pilates instructor for over 10 year, and at sculp'd for three years. She has is also Practice Manager and Strength Specialist for our sculp'd+ services. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science and a Bachelor's of Science in PreK-12 Health and Physical Education. She combines her extensive knowledge in fitness and kinesiology to provide clients with resources needed to reach their fitness goals in the pilates studio and also in the non-invasive body sculpting room

Practice Manager & Instructor

Jennifer has over 10 years experience in the health & beauty industry. She trained, studied and worked in New York City at the prestigious Arrojo Studio in SoHo. She has advanced training in Los Angeles at Sassoon Academy. She is duly licensed in New York and Virginia in Cosmetology. CPR and AED certified. 

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Slone is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Certified Laser Technician, and BodySculpting Specialist with over 20 years of experience with aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. She has a
deep understanding of the physiology and histology of the face and body. Her vast knowledge and desire to share information has brought her words to major publications, various websites, and recognition as “the best of” from Washingtonian Magazine.




Natalie is a master trainer and oversees sculp’d instructor trainings. She is known for her beat-driven, hip-hop-heavy playlists and killer core blocks. She strives to meet you at your individual fitness level and to create classes that consistently challenge you to rethink your limits. Natalie’s class can be summed up as the “Phoenix Experience” - you’ll emerge from the fire — sweaty and shaky — but SO much stronger than before!

Senior Instructor & Master Trainer

Kristin is a sculp’d Master Trainer and responsible for training new instructors and ongoing development of current staff. Kristin’s goal is that you leave every class with that “YES I DID” feeling (and a little shakier and sweatier than when you walked in). It never gets easier, you just keep getting stronger and testing new limits!

Senior Instructor & Master Trainer

Noelle, a senior instructor, and physical therapist. Her expertise in posture and alignment, combined with her background in competitive soccer, help her create a high-energy workout designed to build strength, balance, and flexibility. Noelle's number one goal is to create the safest AND shakiest workout through the very last move.

Senior Instructor

Lisa has been teaching Pilates since 2011 and has been a constant throughout the last decade of her life and all its changes (and 2 kids!). It has been not only a practice but a place where she can thrive no matter what else is happening around her - and this is what she strives to bring to her clients through positive vibes, energized playlists and a playful approach to building physical and mental strength.


Jen has an orange belt in self-defense training from Krav Maga Worldwide and embraces caring for herself in total mind, body, and spirit. She nurtures her mental health with balanced work and play by surrounding herself with people, activities, and meaningful projects that bring her joy. Come and channel your positive energies with Jen by planking it out or leaving your best lu


Lawren has loved finding fun and effective ways to move her body. She has seen the benefits of having a Pilates practice through the pregnancy & postpartum periods and appreciates the total mind-body benefits. She incorporates that mind-body connection, also used with her doula clients, in class. Lawren enjoys working out to good music and is not afraid to see you shake, so get ready for a vibe!


Dillon comes from a competitive dance background where her love for fitness began. In college, she continued her dance career while also taking courses on group fitness, fusing the two together to become a barre instructor. While she is still teaching barre, she has found sculp’d to be the perfect compliment. You can expect a super energetic, upbeat class pushing those of all fitness levels to become a stronger version of themselves.


Kerri discovered Pilates after suffering from a back injury that left her sidelined from weightlifting. As someone who works in spine surgery, she became increasingly passionate about the importance of proper form and spinal health. After Pilates helped her recover and come back even stronger, she realized there truly is no better workout. Her classes will push you past what you think is your limit and help you discover that your body is capable of the impossible, and so much more.

Nicole is a lifelong lover of fitness.  She's done various forms of fitness her entire life and always had the desire to teach fitness.  Nicole discovered Pilates after being repeatedly sidelined with injuries due to years of wear and tear on her body.  Pilates has helped her body feel better and stronger and she often says there is no better single or complimentary workout than pilates.  She loves a good tough workout, so her classes will be geared towards safely pushing your body's limits regardless of your current age or fitness level.

Suzie loves Alexandria, her cat, great food and travel. She also loves bringing out your best at her pilates classes. Find her on our morning schedule to start your day off right!


After trying her first sculp’d class in 2019, Sam fell in love with the sculp’d method and community. She was a member for several years before becoming an instructor in 2022. Her goal is to bring that sense of community, upbeat playlist, and shaky muscles that she loves so much to all of her classes.

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Georgie loves all things health, wellness, and fitness! She is both a psychotherapist and a board-certified health coach. She believes movement is a key ingredient to overall wellness, both physically and mentally.  She is all about helping you achieve your best workout while having the most fun doing it! Georgie's classes are high in energy (you may not need that coffee!) and her music puts a pep in your step, is upbeat, and is specially curated to help you feel like your strongest self! 

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Sandra has been practicing Pilates since 2012 and started doing sculp’d Total Body 20 weeks into her first pregnancy. Amazed by the level of fitness she was achieving while simultaneously growing a little human, she decided to learn more about the method and become an instructor. Sandra now aims to help others work on strength, functional movement, and releasing tension.


Caitlin is passionate about all things fitness and wellness. In addition to pilates, she is also a certified spinning instructor. Her playlists are lit and her energy will make you ditch your morning coffee!


Loretta fell in love with how absolutely strong Pilates makes our mind and body feel! Pilates helped her fall in love with fitness, lose 50lbs and springboard into an active, healthy lifestyle. She looks forward to supporting you in celebrating your body, self-caring and living out your personal health & wellness journey. 

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 Erica’s passion for movement and wellness has led her to discover the transformative power of Pilates, where she helps others build strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Erica is also a fervent music lover. She recognizes the impact music has on motivation during workouts. Drawing on her diverse taste in genres, she curates energizing playlists that add an extra layer of excitement to her classes.