new sculpd@home – Livestream coming at ya’

new sculpd@home – Livestream coming at ya’

It has been 1 week (how is that even possible?) since we made the voluntary decision to shut down due to the COVID19 pandemic. Yesterday, VA Governor mandated the shut down of all non-essential businesses, gyms included of course.

To our amazing community, I am inviting you to join us on our new SCULP’D @HOME membership options. Join us and your favorite instructors and I promise you that my amazing team will keep you smiling, feeling sore and most importantly, feeling connected. 
I hope that you value us, our small but mighty business, our instructors and opt to join our new membership options (as a reminder, all current memberships have been suspended during this crisis). Candidly, our employees and instructors are greatly impacted by our closure and your support means everything – to me, to them, and to your community.
sculp’d is a special place and with your continue support, we will open stronger and better than ever before.

Next Steps:

  1. We value your feedback and want to hear from you as to what you want going forward. Use this SURVEYto tell us your desired LIVE Workout Times and Class Formats.
  2. Choose any VIRTUAL option below that works best for you
  • 10% discount if you buy before April 1, use PROMO CODE getsculpdathome at the MindBody check out.
  • LIVE memberships are limited due to limits on class size, so don’t delay, buy today.
  • Weekly and Monthly are auto-renewals. Can be cancelled at any time, with 48 hrs notice.
  • Unlimited Monthly also includes 4 wellness webinars with Dr Sisu, MD focusing on immune boosting
  • Additional information coming soon on

Together, we got this!