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Navigating ACL Tear Rehabilitation


A typical ski trip mishap led to a torn ACL, but sculp’d+ instructors had a tailored plan for me, including Pilates, Emsculpt Neo, and Red Light Therapy, ensures a strong, pain-free recovery. When you’re looking for a total body recovery plan, look no further than sculp’d+ in Old Town Alexandria.

The Typical Family Ski Vacation

Over the January holiday, I embarked on a skiing trip with my girls, relishing precious moments before they returned to their college lives. Skiing as a family has always been a favorite activity, providing a tech-free day outdoors and indulgent lunches. This time, it was just the four of us, creating unforgettable memories.

While the days were filled with skiing and guilt-free pizza, the evenings were spent relaxing in the hot tub, followed by Netflix sessions. As a proud mom, I couldn’t resist some friendly trash talk, leaving my girls and our “adopted” daughter with sore shins, quads, hamstrings, and lower back pain. Surprisingly, I felt amazing—no pain or discomfort, thanks to my dedication to sculp’d+ Pilates classes and Emsculpt Neo sessions.

The real test came during our last run. Encouraged by the girls, I attempted a challenging black mogul run, resulting in a torn ACL and fractured tibia. Back in Alexandria, VA, the journey to recovery began. Working closely with the team at Sculp’d Studio, we devised a comprehensive plan:

  1. Modified Pilates Classes (2x/week): These sessions, using props for stability, were instrumental in preparing my body for the upcoming surgery.

  2. Emsculpt Neo: Guided by the studio FNP, gentle sessions specifically targeted my left quadricep, ensuring strength and stability.

  3. Physical Therapy (2x/week): Despite initial skepticism, attending PT sessions proved valuable, providing tailored exercises for at-home care.

  4. Chiropractor: Addressing misalignment and lower back tightness, enhancing overall well-being.

  5. Red Light Therapy: Targeted at my knee to alleviate inflammation, complementing the recovery process.

  6. Ice and Elevation: Nightly routines to expedite recovery and reduce post-surgery discomfort.

Through this comprehensive approach, I feel stronger and more prepared for the upcoming surgery. Investing in my health over the past two months has been paramount. 

Betsy Ski

Holistic Health and Wellness at sculp'd+

For those seeking a holistic approach to wellness, sculp’d+ offers memberships connecting Pilates classes, Emsculpt Neo services, and Red Light Therapy. Call us today to explore personalized options at the DMV’s exclusive studio.

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