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Emtone vs. Emsculpt: What’s the Difference?

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The Difference of Emtone and Emsculpt

If you’re considering non-surgical body enhancement, you may wonder, “Emtone vs. Emsculpt—what’s the difference?” Emtone is a cellulite reduction treatment that harnesses radiofrequency (RF) energy to smooth and tighten skin. Emsculpt, on the other hand, is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate muscle contractions and reduce fat.

Learn more about each treatment to determine which is best for you. You may even decide to try both!

How Does Cellulite Form?

Nearly every post-pubescent female struggles with cellulite—however, men are not exempt from skin dimpling either! Rippled or dimpled skin appears mainly on the buttocks, thighs, and stomach. However, some people develop it on their breasts, upper arms, and lower legs. Despite what many people think, cellulite is not due to being overweight or poor lifestyle choices. Instead, scientists believe cellulite is affected by hormones.

Cellulite is entirely harmless. However, it can cause a lot of self-conscious concerns for those who deal with it daily—especially when it is in an area that is often exposed.

Fibrous bands of collagen called fibrous septae form within the dermis, connecting the skin to the underlying muscle. Those septae partition off lobes of fat located in the sub-dermis (or the third layer of the skin.)

Cellulite forms when those bands of fibrous septae thicken and shrink. The deformity causes the fibers to tug down where it attaches to the skin. The tension causes the fat lobes to protrude around the septae—leading to skin dimpling.

Do Creams or Lotion Work for Reducing Cellulite?

Many creams and lotions advertise their ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite. While there may be some benefit from these products, they are not enough to entirely banish cellulite deep within the skin’s dermis.

Emtone Can Reduce Cellulite

Luckily, Emtone is the perfect non-surgical and non-invasive solution for cellulite. Treatments target the major causes of cellulite using mechanical targeted pressure energy, called acoustic waves, and radiofrequency energy.


Emtone is a non-invasive treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite in a specific way. During the treatment, the Radiofrequency or RF energy and acoustic waves penetrate the skin’s surface, disrupting fat cells and heating the deepest layers of the skin tissue. The energy causes many physiological responses. For example, it causes the fibers to contract and tighten. In addition, it stimulates tissue remodeling by initiating collagen production.

A trained professional glide a handpiece over the skin using a moisturizing lotion. You can expect the session to take about 15 minutes, which shouldn’t be painful. While Emtone isn’t a weight loss program or a substitute for exercise, it can make your skin look tighter and smoother. This is because it triggers the body’s healing mechanism, increasing blood circulation, and removing metabolic waste. All in all, Emtone is an excellent treatment for dramatically reducing the appearance of cellulite while firming and toning your skin, leaving it looking youthful and smooth.

How IS Emsculpt DifferENT from Emtone?

While Emtone focuses on diminishing cellulite, Emsculpt helps you build muscle. If your goal is to improve muscle tone and get a more defined body contour, Emsculpt may be the better choice. This innovative treatment uses HIFEM energy to stimulate muscle contractions and eliminate fat. The result is stronger, more toned muscles and a more sculpted appearance. Similar to Emtone, Emsculpt is non-invasive and requires minimal downtime.

Emsculpt NEO can Help Build Muscle

If you spend endless hours in the gym training with no positive proof or measurable muscle definition, Emsculpt is the treatment for you! Honestly, working out and eating clean is not enough to build, strengthen, and define muscles. Some people do not have the genetics to build a strong, muscular body. This is where Emsculpt treatments come into play!

How Emsculpt Builds Muscles at a Superhuman Rate

Emsculpt NEO treatments only last 30 minutes. The HIFEM energy causes the muscle tissue to contract at a superhuman rate. These contractions are known as supramaximal (“supra” means beyond + “maximal” means what’s possible.) These contractions work the muscle way more intensely and effectively than any regular physical exercise ever could. To put it into perspective, one Emsculpt treatment on the buttocks is the equivalent of 20,000 squats. It is virtually impossible to perform this number of squats on your own. Emsculpt NEO does that in just 30 minutes—making it an incredible body sculpting procedure!

Emsculpt NEO Also Burns Fat

Another alluring aspect of the new Emsculpt NEO is the addition of RF Radiofrequency energy to the HIFEM energy. While you work the muscles intensely, the RF energy targets stubborn fat cells in the area, helping disrupt them. Weeks after treatment, the body naturally gathers disrupted cells and removes them as waste—resulting in natural and long-term fat reduction! Emsculpt NEO is the best of both worlds regarding body sculpting and fat reduction.

Emtone vs. Emsculpt: Which Is Better?

Emtone and Emsculpt do different things to the body, so it’s hard to say which is “better.” The answer ultimately depends on your individual goals and circumstances. For example, if your primary concern is cellulite, then Emtone is the preferred choice. But if you want to lose fat and build muscle, then Emsculpt can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Let’s explore each treatment’s pros and cons, look at before and after pictures, and see your typical results. This will give you a better idea of which option to choose.

Pros and Cons of Emtone



Emtone Before and After

Looking at Emtone before and after photos of our patients can provide a clearer picture of the impressive improvements you can expect. Our clients experience smoother, firmer skin and cellulite reduction. In addition, their bodies look more toned and defined.

Everyone’s experience with Emtone is unique. But based on the positive feedback and popularity of the treatment, it’s clear Emtone has the potential to help many people get closer to their body goals.

Emtone Results

To see optimal results with Emtone, most people need to undergo a series of treatments. Expect to get a total of four sessions. After completing the treatment plan, Emtone’s effects can last for several months. Some patients enjoy smooth, dimple-free skin for up to a year. But longevity depends on your cellulite’s severity and other factors like lifestyle.

Emsculpt's Pros and Cons



Emsculpt Before and After

The before and after pictures of our Emsculpt patients showcase the excellent results that this non-invasive procedure can deliver. Each person observes a more muscular physique and looks slimmer after finishing the treatment plan.


It’s normal to experience some soreness in the treatment area after an Emsculpt treatment. The sensation is similar to what you might feel after a rigorous workout. However, the discomfort should dissipate within a few days of rest.

Most patients at sculp’d begin to notice improvement after one treatment. But we recommend completing a series of at least four treatments for the best body-enhancing results. Similar to Emtone, dramatic results take a while to manifest. You can expect to wait up to three months to see the entire outcome. As with all body sculpting treatments, results will vary.*

How Do I Know Which Treatment is Right for Me?

It all depends on what you want for your body. If you’re unsure which treatment would best suit your aesthetic body goals, schedule a consultation with the professionals at sculp’d+. Our trained professionals will be happy to evaluate your physique, listen to your aesthetic concerns, and determine which body-shaping method is best for you.

How Combining Emsculpt AND Emtone Can Transform Your Entire Physique

Are you interested in reducing cellulite, defining your muscles, AND reducing fat? You can combine Emtone and Emsculpt NEO! Schedule a consultation with the professional at sculp’d+ to learn more about a treatment plan combining these two powerhouse treatments to achieve a total body transformation, unlike anything you have experienced!


Are you tired of spending hours at the gym and restricting your diet to achieve your dream body? Does cellulite prevent you from flaunting your true self in your favorite clothing? Emtone and Emsculpt at sculp’d may be the solution(s) you’ve been looking for. These groundbreaking treatments give a nice boost to help you get the most out of your workouts and healthy lifestyle.

As a premier provider of both body-enhancing treatments in Alexandria, VA, we’re confident in our ability to help you achieve your desired look. Learn more by giving us a call at (703) 567-4442 to schedule a free consultation.

Emtone FAQs

Emtone applies pressure to the skin’s surface and directs specialized radiofrequency energy beneath the surface to target fat cells. This process helps to shrink fat cell size, improve circulation, and prevent fluid buildup. As a result, you notice firmer and smoother skin.

Yes! Emtone penetrates the skin’s surface using technology that disrupts fibrous septae and reduces cellulite. Dry body brushing is an effective body treatment but for other reasons.

Emtone treatments tend to consist of an initial series of 4 treatments. They are performed twice a week over 2 weeks. Your results should last about 6-12 months. As always, results will be different for everyone.* You may need to receive maintenance treatments to continue enjoying cellulite-free skin.

Emsculpt FAQs

Many people find that Emsculpt and Emtone complement each other well. Emtone targets cellulite and skin tightening, while Emsculpt focuses on fat reduction and muscle building. If you have fat to burn and want to get bigger muscles, it may be beneficial to start with Emsculpt and follow up with Emtone to add the “finishing touches” to your body contouring goals.

The best way to learn how to maximize both benefits is to speak with a qualified provider like sculp’d+. Our team can evaluate your physique and learn about your expectations and goals. From there, we can tell you which approach will be most effective.

The fat reduction results of Emsculpt can be long-term as long as you continue a healthy diet and exercise routine. However, muscle definition, strengthening, and toning are only temporary. To keep those results, you will have to continue weightlifting, strengthen training, and possibly receive Emsculpt NEO maintenance treatments in the future.

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