How Long Does Emtone Last



How Long Does Emtone Last?

How long does Emtone last? If you’re investing in this cellulite reduction treatment, you’ll likely want to know more about the longevity of the results. Studies show this popular non-surgical treatment reduces dimpling on the buttocks, thighs, stomach, and arms. Best of all, treatments are safe, painless, require no downtime, and last long!

Read on to learn more about the Emtone treatment and what type of results you can expect from your own cellulite reduction.

Benefits of Using Emtone

  •  Non-surgical skin rejuvenation
  •  FDA cleared and scientifically proven
  •  Painless treatments
  •  No downtime
  •  Targets all causes of cellulite
  •  Smooth, dimple-free skin
  •  Treatments from the leading skin and laser spa

The Longevity of Emtone Before and After Results*

The Emtone before and after results give prospective patients a good idea of what to expect from this non-invasive, non-painful treatment. As with all cosmetic skin treatments, results may vary.* However, the best way to ensure you receive optimal, lasting cellulite reduction results is to select a reputable provider like sculpt’d. They are professionals with the experience to perform this technique-sensitive treatment and provide dramatic AND lasting results.

How Does Emtone Work?

Emtone treatments target the leading cause of cellulite using a combination of mechanical targeted pressure energy, acoustic waves, and radiofrequency (RF) energy.

During treatments, the acoustic waves and radiofrequency rf energy penetrate the skin’s surface. This action disrupts the fat cells and induces a heating sensation deep within the skin tissues. The energy causes several physiological responses. In addition, it causes fibers to contract and tighten, stimulating tissue remodeling by boosting collagen production.

Emtone also triggers the body’s healing mechanism, increasing blood circulation, and removing metabolic waste known to cause the appearance of skin dimples. Together, the actions dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving behind smooth, youthful-looking skin.

Emtone Treatment Actions

Emtone’s unique combination of energies targets all causes of cellulite. Physiological treatment responses include:

  •  Shrunken fat cells
  •  Collagen production and tissue remodeling
  •  Improved skin elasticity
  •  Improved blood circulation
  •  Removal of metabolic waste

Emtone Treatment Areas

Cellulite is notorious for accumulating on areas like the backs of the legs and the buttocks. However, cellulite can appearance virtually anywhere on the body. Therefore, Emtone targets a wide range of areas on the body including:

  •  The upper arms
  •  Stomach area
  •  Front of thighs
  •  Inner thighs
  •  Back of thighs
  •  Love handles
  •  Buttocks

Emtone Results*

Many people want to know how long Emtone lasts. The truth is that while long-term, the results vary per person.* Most people receive four Emtone treatments, spaced one to two weeks apart. The 20-minute sessions are painless and require no recovery or downtime. People typically see skin improvements within weeks of their Emtone treatments, with continual improvements lasting for several more months.

Emtone Near Me

How Long Does Emtone Last? Find out for yourself by contacting the leading cellulite reduction provider in Alexandria, Virginia, sculpt’d. Call us at (703) 567-4442 for a consultation and discover how Emtone can reduce skin dimpling long-term so you can enjoy silky, smooth, youthful skin.