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Finding My Youth

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Welcome back to the sculp’d+ origin story! If you haven’t caught the beginning, be sure to check out the first post on the origins of our sculp’d+ studio and the second post about adding body sculpting services.

Balance and Moderation

I found my equilibrium.

After 10 months of dedicated efforts to balance hormones, regulate blood sugar, and restore gut health, the journey led me to a pivotal realization – the crucial role of nutrition in total body wellness.

As sculp’d+ evolved with my education, I expanded our offerings to address stress reduction and the restoration of natural balance. Welcome to the third pillar of total body wellness – what we call RESTORE – where internal harmony takes center stage.


During this transformative period, my focus shifted to understanding and alleviating stress, nurturing the body’s innate balance. The result? A curated selection of services designed to enhance your internal well-being:

1. Massage Therapy: Indulge in the therapeutic touch of massage, a holistic practice that goes beyond relaxation, targeting stress relief and muscle tension.

2. Wood Rolling: Experience the benefits of wood rolling, a unique approach to self-massage that aids in releasing tension, improving circulation, and promoting a sense of well-being.

3. Red Light and Compression Therapy: Harness the power of red light therapy coupled with compression technology, a dynamic duo that promotes cellular rejuvenation, reduces inflammation, and enhances recovery.

4. Custom Pelvic Floor Conditioning Plan: Recognizing the importance of pelvic floor health, we offer personalized conditioning plans to support and strengthen this vital area, contributing to overall wellness.

In embracing these services, I believe sculp’d+ will become a sanctuary for holistic rejuvenation. The additional services we are offering is a testament to our commitment to total body wellness.

Join us on this journey of internal wellness, where stress reduction and restoring natural balances become integral components of your well-being. As we continue to expand our offerings, stay tuned for the transformative experiences awaiting you at sculp’d+. Your path to total body harmony starts here.

Find Total Body Wellness at Sculp'd+

Embark on an enduring journey to rediscover and elevate your best self with our commitment to restoring youthful vitality—both internally and externally. Our comprehensive approach to wellness encompasses movement, enhancements, and now cutting-edge restorative services. We take pride in presenting this distinctive total body rejuvenation experience right here in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. Elevate your well-being and join our community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the pursuit of a vibrant and fulfilling life. Become a member today, and let the transformative journey begin.

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