Acid That’s Good For You? Emsculpt Neo in Alexandria, VA



Staying physically fit can be challenging especially when factoring in work, family and everyday life. Mapping out time in a day to be active, ensuring your body has enough fuel to support the activity, staying hydrated, and working through your daily to-do list are just some of the many things you will need to achieve on a daily basis. Have you ever pushed yourself in a sculp’d pilates class, felt the muscle burn, and then woke up feeling sore the next day? Here is what is going on when you wake up sore.

Lactic acid plays a huge role in muscle soreness after a hard workout, and is formed when the body is running low on the oxygen that it needs to transform glucose into energy. After any challenging workout where you are pushing your limits, you will experience delayed-onset muscle soreness due to lactic acid build-up and this is absolutely okay. It only means that you have challenged yourself enough to see those muscle gains in the future!  Personally, I love feeling just a tab bit sore the day after a workout – it makes me feel like I achieved my goals of working hard and doing my best.

There are some periods in my life however that I just don’t have the time or motivation to make that happen. And thankfully, we live in a time of artificial intelligence, cutting edge technology and affordable access to these amazing devices. These factors are actually what drove us here at sculp’d to invest in (during COVID nonetheless) this technology to bring to our community. And is a great compliment to those of us who work out regularly and an amazing health bonus to those that can’t work out right now

It sounds too good to be true and like something you would see in a Star Trek episode but it’s true ….. gain muscle without breaking a sweat. The ground-breaking technology of the EmsculptNEO gets you an unbelievably intense workout and ultimately achieves more than any human can achieve naturally and on their own. The involuntary muscle contractions that the machine induces overwhelms your brain and enables you to engage 100% of your muscle fibers. In comparison, when you are working out, you can only use up to 40% of your muscle’s ability. And what about that lactic acid and soreness we were talking about? Don’t sweat it …. the Neo thought of everything. There is a lactic acid breakdown protocol built into your treatment that essentially vibrates the lactic acid out of the treated area so that the next day, you won’t feel muscle soreness. Pretty freakin’ cool huh?