Slay Your Holiday

Slay Your Holiday

I’m so excited to share that we’re closing out 2019 with a December  Slay Your Holiday! Just in time to get you primed and ready for the next leg in your wellness journey –  January Transformation Challenge- which kicks off January 5th (sign up by December 23rd)

For December, Slay Your Holiday focuses on accountability since it’sso difficult to stay accountable this month … it’s the holidays, there’s sweets and treats everywhere, our schedules are off, parties are happening and it sure feels like the busiest time of the year.

But I know from experience that planning ahead and keeping up with workouts can keep you moving towards your goals and stay on track. I also know that competing with others and working out with a friend is an excellent way to keep you on track. 

The goal of the challenge is to complete at least 12 of the bingo card squares and at least 8 workouts from November 24 – January 4, which is easily 2 workouts/week. Get all 16 squares and you get a $100 gift certificate to your favorite Old Town Boutique District. That is SO do-able!

Check out our Slay Your Holiday page and get all the necessary information  

Don’t quit now, you have worked too hard this year! It officially kicks off today, so don’t delay! 

And to get more information on the January Transformation Challenge, check out our page with all the information. You must sign up by Sunday December 23rd.