Ashley is a valued sculp’d client who began EmSculpt NEO treatments on her core in late March 2021. She was an avid runner but had to see a chiropractor regularly to help with scoliosis, a weak core and lower back, and hip displacement. She was looking for EmSculpt NEO to help her with these issues. 


At her 3 week mark of treatment, she felt the new and added strength in her core and back. But even more exciting and tangible, her chiropractor noted that her hips did not require as many adjustments and was surprised at her gains in such a short period of time. This new strength also noticeably improved her running and walking. She not only found running to be easier but walking, sitting and holding planks was more manageable and a lot less pain, due to her scoliosis, than before. 


With the success of her core sessions, she decided to focus on her arms, specifically her biceps & triceps. She had torn a tendon a few years back and was unable to do a lot of strength training with her arms even after physical therapy. Before her arm injury, her arms were very muscular and so when she was unable to continue to strengthen her arm muscles, she had lost the definition and a lot of the muscle had turned into fat and loose skin. Before her EmsculptNEO treatments, she thought she would have to make peace with “that extra jiggle” in her arms. Thankfully, After a few sessions of EmsculptNEO, she was once again able to do push-ups and her biceps/triceps are looking and feeling more muscular just 30 days out from her last session. 


Ashley is now a regular now at sculp’d, hitting our pilates reformer machines a few times a week. For her, EmSculpt NEO gave her a renewed optimism in what was possible for her, her strength, and her newfound wellness journey.